Department of Hindi



Being the national language, Hindi is very much relevant in Indian life. India being a country of many languages, culture, and creed, Hindi plays a grate role in bringing people together. The Department of Hindi aims in national integration through Hindi language and literature.


The history of the Hindi Department begins with the history of K.E. College which was started in1964 with four batches of pre-degree classes. Considering the importance of Hindi as the National language, Hindi language and literature was introduced in this college as a second language in 1964.


Ever since the inception the Hindi Department, it has also been doing pioneering work in in Hindi teaching and learning. The members of the Hindi department have been holding important positions associated with different bodies. Dr. Babu Joseph M.A, Ph.D, (Reader and Research Supervising Teacher of Mahatma Gandhi University ) is the present head of the department of Hindi. He is a member of the Hindi Salahakar Samithi, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. He is a post doctoral research fellow (D.Litt) in Dr.Ambedkar University, Agra and Minor Research fellow of U.G.C. He is a Hindi scholar having received many National awards and has published many books and research papers.

Instructor Contact Number Qualification
Dr. Babu Joseph 9447868474 M.A, Ph.D.(Head of the Department)
Dr. Brigit Paul 9447320083 M.A.,B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D (Asst. Prof)