Bachelor of Science in Electronics


The Department of Physics is one among the foremost departments of this college and presently the biggest, offering two undergraduate courses (one in Physics and the other in Electronic Equipment Maintenance) and a postgraduate course in Physics with advanced electronics as specialization. The Department aims at achieving academic excellence by imparting current scientific knowledge by promoting scientific research, exposing the learners to the latest developments in science and technology, developing learner’s competence in various scientific activities, encouraging the student’s creative skills and understanding the community needs which all may lead to the integral development of the students.


Department of physics commenced its functioning in 1964. The U.G. course in physics was started in 1967 and the P.G. course in 1995. The U.G.C. sponsored two main, two sub vocational courses in physics and electronic equipment maintenance was started in 2002.

Mr.K J Mathai 0481-2516869 M.Sc.(HOD)
Ms. Soniya N V 8547548648 M.Sc.
Mr. Anishkumar P. S 9446089653 M.Sc.
Ms. Deepthi S Nair 9446903163 M.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. Sruthy S 9447763883 M.Sc.